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We introduce you to some of the smartest, Money Master Women in the country. Women who have gone before us to learn how money works. We let you hear what is on their minds as they provide solutions that can help you achieve a happier life – yes by making smart and purposeful decisions with your money.

Apr 19, 2016

Claudia Mott

Divorce can be devastating, both emotionally and financially. Even in the best of circumstances where both parties are in full agreement and both want the divorce, the pressure is on since the same combined income that was used while they were married now must be stretched to pay expenses to operate two households instead of one. Historically most people never attempted to project what effect the various decisions might have on each spouse’s long term financial well-being. But this is key since the outcome will have a lasting financial impact, it’s important to address critical issues early on.

Our guest, Claudia Mott MBA, CFP, CDFA  has come to  help us understand our options. Claudia is not just concerned about how decisions affect you today or tomorrow but instead urges you to consider the long term consequences of decisions which you make when going through a divorce. Make sure to join us to hear how you and your family can navigate through this difficult life event with the best results possible.